About this blog

My name is Julian, I am a PhD student in Information Science at the University of Hildesheim and DIPF. I will use this blog to write about papers that I read or basic concepts in the fields of Information Science, Digital Humanities, Usability and Open Science, but I will also write about things I encounter which might not be always scientific.

My scientific work can be found on Google Scholar or dblp, my ORC-ID is 0000-0003-3417-9486, my wikidata ID is Q100466271, my software is on Github. If you want to know more about my work, check out some of my projects:

  • Semantic CorA – a virtual research environment based on Semantic Media Wiki. Basically the basis of most of the projects
  • Interlinking Pictura – a citizen science project with the amazing pictures of the “Bilderbuch für Kinder” by Friedrich Justin Bertuch from the beginning of the nineteenth century
  • Schularchive – a wiki where researchers and school archivists can share the location of historical sources in schools