Julian’s blog

Hi, my name is Julian, as work as a cloud consultant Detecon.

I started this blog while doing a PhD a PhD in Information Science from University of Hildesheim. Since I started as consultant, I did not write a lot here anymore.

I worked at DIPF | Leibniz Instute for Research and Information in Education in the department Information Center for Education. During my PhD I had the chance to work at the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at  University of Washington, Seattle.

During the PhD I worked on ontology engineering and human-centered design, mostly with a focus on digital humanities and open science. In fact, I used methods of human-centered design to create ontologies and support Open Science. In general, I am interested in the various ways technology changes our society. If you want to find out more about my work, check out my portfolio or connect with me on social media (see links below).

I use this blog to write about interesting things in the fields of Information Science, Digital Humanities, User Experience, Ontology Engineering and Open Science. See my latest posts.