Citizen Science in research about schoolbooks

As some of you know, we started the project Interlinking Pictura some time ago. We also published an article about this as Bridging citizen science and open educational resources at OpenSym 2018 (DOI: This was a rather technical article about the project and how we wanted to integrate citizen science. Later, some collegues asked, if we wanted to make an article for a non-technical audience about our citizen science project.

In our new publication, we present potentials for citizen science in the field of history of education. It does not go deeply into our research, but gives an overview on projects in the field and what we tried and learned. So it might be a good start for your citizen science project in digital humanities. You can find the article “Potenziale von Citizen Science in der historischen Schulbuchforschung. Das Beispiel Interlinking Pictura” at