What did you do in your PhD? – ECER 2021

I held a short presentation at ECER 2021, which was online due to the pandemic. This presentation gives a good overview about my PhD work. You can also find the abstract and the slides. I also created a teaser.

In short, I developed an ontology or a metadata set for qualitative coding schemas. This ontology helps to make these coding schemas easier to find and reuse. It also helps to make them more comparaeble and finally to encourage researchers to describe what they did in more detail.

I also did some additional research how high the acceptance rate by researchers for such a transformation is. This also lead to the question, how to overcome the barriers researchers see in open science. The barriers were similar to barriers about open science in other fields, like more effort or

If you want to dive deeper into the work, see my GitHub with the ontology and links to publications.