Tag: Conference

  • ECER 2021 pre-conference presentation

    I am happy to present my work for the ontology QualiCO (my phd project) at ECER 2021. Watch my pre-conference presentation on Youtube.

  • DHD 2019

    Last week the conference DHD 2019, the German digital humanities conference took place in Frankfurt. One remarkable discussion I heard was from a panel about 3D-modelling and the reconstruction of buildings. People in this panel were talking about the problems their field has and one was the lack of standards. As we all can imagine…

  • Semantic MediaWiki Conference (SMWCon) Fall 2017

    Last week there was the SMWCon, the european conference on Semantic MediaWiki. It was held in Rotterdam. Our venue was directly in the Zoo in the middle of the aquarium. So we could watch sharks and turtles during the talks!! But there were also very interesting talks. The information to most of the talks you…