Tag: information science

  • I finished my PhD

    It is done. I finished my PhD. You can find my thesis at the server of University of Hildesheim and my defense presentation on Youtube.

  • The end of the Information Age?

    Last week there was this really interesting article at Heise online, a German tech magazine. It calls for the end of the modern internet, putting it into a postmodern internet. This also tackles the value of information and it’s declining in a postmodern age. In the traditional way, we talk in information science a lot…

  • Digital Humanities at Hochschule Darmstadt

    In summer semester me and Professor Rittberger will be giving a class about digital humanities at Hochschule Darmstadt in the major information science. Here is our syllabus, I will try to upload slides as well (but in German). We want to give a broad overview about what Digital Humanities mean. There are also other classes…